Time to time I receive e-mail from people asking questions about Hungary or Hungarian customs. I post some of these common questions here so others can see them too.

1. How should I put the address on an envelope sending to Hungary?
The proper address is:
Nagy Antal
Budapest, V.
Tanács körút 40
Note that Budapest is divided into 25 districts that is denoted by Roman numbers. In my example it is V.
2. I will be visiting my Hungarian relatives at the first time. What gifts should I give them?
It is a hard question and there is no exact answer - the gift should be personal, just like in the USA. Find out the interest, hobby of the person and give something not too cheap, not too expensive.
What is not to give:
anything with electricity, since there is a different, 220V system there.
Video tapes - same reason. The system is different there. But you can give tapes and casettes.