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Attention: Names are written according to Hungarian grammar and customs. You might have seen them written differently.

1. Munkácsy Mihály (1844-1900) painter-artist.
He painted his first pictures when he was an aid in a joinery shop. Later he could learn in Pest, Vienna, Munich and Dusseldorf. He lived and worked in Paris after 1871. His portaits, and landscapes are especially famous.
Some of his paintings are:
Siralomház (1870), Tépéscsinálók (1871), Köpülő asszony (1873), Zálogház(1874)

2. Petőfi Sándor(1823-1849) poet and revolutionist.
He grew up in the Grait Plain which he belowed and sang gently in his poems. He died in a very youg age in a fight of the Hungarian Revolution in Transsylvania. In his short life he wrote several volumes of poems. His best frien, Arany János was another famous Hungarian poet. Petőfi Sándor was a leader of the Hungarian Revolution from the first moment. He died in one of the last fights, 1849, Segesvár. His body has never been found. Our nation couldn't accept his death for a long time. Rumors talked about his survival and captivity. Many of his poems became folksongs.
A helység kalapácsa(1844), János vitéz(1845), Nemzeti dal(1848)

3. Izsó Miklós(1831-1875) sculptor. He participated in the Revolution, then became a stone-cutter. Later he learned in Pest and Vienna. His portraits are well-nown. His most known sculpture is the "Búsuló juhász" (1862).

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