Intermediate Lessons and Exercises

Welcome to the intermediate pages! I am glad, you are here. Here you can find a growing collection of lessons, quizzes and puzzles. I know Hungarian is a hard language, so I try to put some fun staff here, because I don't want you to give up. Do you want more? Just e-mail me for supplementary excercises. Do you have questions? Post them to my message board, or ask for a chatroom appointment -- ALL FREE.
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Before moving ahead I recommend you to read about Hungarian language. The following two articles are not part of my site, but I feel they provide a good introduction to my Hungarian lessons.

1. Ural-Altaic, Dravidian, Sumerian Languages
Chart of related languages with links
2. About the Hungarian Language.

There are four more reference pages that can help you throughout this class. The first link is my page with an important, basic rule. The second is a good on-line dictionary. The next link leads to a huge Hungarian <==> English dictionary, which is downloadable for free. It is however a DOS program, not for WINDOWS environment. It is worth it to try out, even if you don't have experience in DOS programs, since it is really easy to use and it has a huge content. Finally, the last link is another downloadable dictionary, but this is for windows environment. This is easier to use, but has smaller content. This program lets you quiz yourself on vocabulary, too.

Vowel harmony - an important, unique rule you need for every lesson. English - Hungarian on-line dictionary
Downloadable dictionary
A huge, DOS-based dictionary
Downloadable, Windows-based dictionary that allows you to quiz yourself.

Do yo want to buy a good dictionary on-line?

Choose from traditional or electronic dictionaries:

Click on the image or on the link to buy now.
The first is a not-too expensive, still comprehensive dictionary for both English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English:
Another excellent Hungarian-English and English dictionary for less than $10:
Go Electronic
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Get 40% discount on all
Ectaco Software Hungarian-English dictionaries:
use discount code "DSC-40-5351134"
Buy English-Hungarian electronic bidirectional dictionary EHu200D or EGHu430T and get 3 GIFTS:
a $15 discount, Talking Doorbell "Bell boy" ($40 value), and Software Dictionary Pack for Windows ($100 value) for FREE!
Discount code is "DSC-15&SPW&bb-53597"

As of today, your choices in this intermediate level:

Lessons Excercises, Quizes, Games
--- Basic Sentences Test
Matching Words Quiz

Verbs in Past and Future Tenses
Multiple Choice Quiz
Verb Tenses
Cases of Nouns -1.
Matching Endings Quiz
Endings for nouns in different cases.


It is also worth it to try the basic Hungarian Random Question Test.
For more practice, sign up for homework excercises and chatroom support. I would like to hear about you!

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