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Puzzles and quizes are fun and they can help you learn and understand better. These puzzles here to support my language lessons , especially in the lower levels. Solution is always provided, but you are free to send me e-mail with any question or suggestion.
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Crossword Puzzles
A growing collection of crossword puzzles. Each with different subject.
Matching Quiz.
Match English and Hungarian sentences / expressions
Multiple-choice Test.
Not an easy one!
You can try 5-10-20 high beginner level questions which are randomly selected for you from a database.
The Game of Hangman
3 pages of the popular word game with different topic.

Do yo want to buy a good dicionary on-line?

I have 2 to recommend.
Click on the image or on the link to buy now.
The first is a not-too expensive, still comprehensive dictionary for both English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English:
The best dictionaries ever the ones from László Országh. His name is a garantee to find the best aid for your study. I, myself have a larger and a smaller set from this auther and found them excellent.
Dictionary of the English and Hungarian.

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