Sample Daily Grammar Newsletter

Topic for today is: Itt, ott, ide, oda, innen, onnan....-- here, there

To express a position and answering the question: Hol? -- Where? use
itt -- here or ott -- there
Use it with a personal pronoun using the verb 'lenni' -- ' to be' as follows:
(Én) Itt vagyok
(Te) Itt vagy.
(Ő) Itt van
(Mi) Itt vagyunk.
(Ti) Itt vagytok
(Ők) Itt vannak.
Since the ending of the verb refers to the subject, personal pronouns can be omitted.

Using subject other than personal pronoun:
könyv -- book
poharak -- glasses
labda -- ball
gyerekek -- chidren
Itt van a könyv.
Ott vannak a poharak.
Ott van a labda.
Itt vannak a gyerekek.

To express directions, use:
innen -- from here
onnan -- from there
ide -- to here
oda -- to there

Innen mindenki elmegy. -- Everybody leaves this place.
Onnan jobban látsz. -- You can see better from there.
Ide teszem a könyvet. -- I put the book here.
Oda megyünk. -- We go there.

Common expressions:
Oda nézz! -- Look there!
Gyere ide! -- Come here!
Gyertek ide! -- Come here! (plural)
Ne menj oda! -- Don't go there!
Ne menjetek oda! -- Don't go there! (plural)


1. Itt a kezem, nem disznóláb! (humorous) -- Here is my hand, it is not a paw of a pig.
It means, that I agree with you, I am with you. This usually goes with a real shake of hands.
2. Onnan fúj a szél. -- The wind blows from there. That is the real reason (of something!) . Usually if the reason had been covered up, talk had gone behind the point for a while - and suddenly the reason was found.
3. Nem oda Buda! -- Buda is not there. Meaning: No, wait, this situation is not that serious.

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