Lake Velencei

The Lake The 10.8 km long and 2.3 km wide lake, occupying an area of 26 square km-s, got its name from Italian settlers arriving to the court of King Matthias, and owes its attraction to its extraordinary beauty.

A Village The reeds with narrow passes and inner bays, which cover almost a third of the lake's surface, are home to rare water birds. In the nature reserve 28 bird species breed regularly, with thousands of winged "transit passengers," taking a rest in the reed abodes during the autumn and spring migration.

Summer Picture Sunny beaches with waters warming up to 26-28 degrees and containing a large amount of mineral salts, await water and sun lovers throughout the summer. Tourists can enjoy all comfort provided by modern hotels, motels, pensions campsites and beaches including a thermal bath in Agárd a few years ago, shopping malls and restaurants offering delicates of Hungarian and international cuisine.

Martonvásár Martonvásár hosts the most prestigous cultural events near the lake, including the traditional Beethoven concerts, held in the park of the local Brunszvik Castle, and international music and folk-dance courses. The former Cziráky Castle is a masterpiece of neo-classical architecture and has a wonderful adjoining park as well.

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