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? Have some fun and take my little self-test quiz about Hungary and Hungarian culture. All of the answers can be found on my site.

1.The first picture shows a famous painting of Festy Arpád. Where in Hungary can you find this painting?

2. What was the historical event this painting describes? :

3.Which part of Hungary is the origin of this colorful Matyó folkculture?

4.In which Hungarian town can we find this "Showy Palace"?

5. Which famous Hungarian composer was born in this town?

6.The last picture shows a statue of a big Hungarian king and his wife. What is the name of the king?

7. His famous army saved the country for decades from the largest invadors of the 15th - 16th century. Which army?

8.This king had a famous library, one of the largest of those years

9. Which of the next countries has no border with Hungary? scholarships.

10. Which of the following nations is not related to the Hungarian nation?

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