Famous Hungarian Scientists

Attention: Names are written according to Hungarian grammar and customs. You might have seen them written differently.

1. Etvs Lrnd (1848-1919)
Physisist, member of the Hungarian Science Organization. His experiments in the area of gravity with torsion pendulum helped to prove Einstein's Theorem of Relativity. A geophysics unit has been named 'etvs' after him.

2. Neumann Jnos (1903-1957)
Mathematician, lived in the USA after 1931. He has been known about his work in Game Theorem, Algebra, Set Theorem and Calculus. He is often called the "father of computers," since he was the leader of the team of scientists, created the first computer.

3. Szent-Gyrgyi Albert (1893-1986)
1937 Nobel Prize winner biochemist. He used paprika from Szeged in his experiments that yielded to show the importance of C-vitamin. He lived in the USA after 1955.

3. Teller Ede (1909-)
Physisist, the "father of the hydrogen Bomb." His major area is the atomphysics.

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