How to start with family search?

Family research is a lifetime activity; in most cases it takes years or rather decades of diligence. There are a lot of resources and helpful people everywhere, but the majority of the work must be done by you. Start with the closest family and move slowly further. Always write down everything, organize your data. Get birth certificates for your parents (and all old documents you can find around the house, the attic, etc). Aunts, cousins and old neighbors can also help with some of the details. Their parents' place of birth might or might not be listed. In the latter case you will have to find the ship manifests with the passenger lists your grandparents arrived into US, Canada or whatever your country is. In the USA Branches of the National Archives and the FHCs (Family History Centers of the Mormons) have these on microfilm. (Of course you have to guess or know which port they arrived at and around when.) The ship lists usually provide, age, place of birth or at least where they were residing, closest relative remaining there and where they were heading in the new country. (Different times and ships provided different information even in the same country) If your grandparents married in the new country, marriage certificates will provide their parents' names. If they married in the old country, go back to the ship's lists. Check your data in the appropriate US census, if you live in the US: There are lots of information on the Internet nowadays, many on personal homepages. You might search the large free homepage communities, like Geocities, Tripod, AOL hometown, Xoom - these have their own search engines. More and more people creates genealogy homepages - this is a rapidly growing, valuable source. However, search based solely on surnames are not always helpful.
1. Most Common Hungarian surnames:
Balogh, Balog, Horváth, Juhász, Kis, Kiss, Kovács, Kovách, Nagy, Molnár, Sós, Soos, Szabó, Székely, Takács, Takáts, Tót, Toth, Varga, Vargha
Other common surnames
Abel, Antal, Bakos, Barta, Bartha, Beke, Bene, Benke, Benkő, Csordás, Domokos, Domonkos, Dömötör, Demeter, Egyed, Erős, Farkas, Fehér, Gábor, Galambos, Gyulay, Gyulai, Jakab, Jánosi, József, Kiraly, Kolumbán, Kristóf, Lakatos, Lipták, Lengyel, Madarász, Miklós, Mester, Nyári, Nyerges, Oláh, Pásztor, Róbert, Rózsa, Sebestyén, Somos, Szilágyi, Szegedi, Tamás, Tamási, Téli, Teleki, Török, Vadász, Veres, Veress, Virág.
A 'blind' search based solely on these surnames is a waste of time.
2. Watch your spelling. Spelling might have changed in the last dacades, many times right after the immigration. Also, special Hungarian sounds altered to English letters, leaving accents out
'á' became 'a', 'é' became 'e', 'ó, ö, ő' became 'o' and 'ú,ü,ű' became 'u'.
If you search on Hungarian search engines, try a couple of versions of these vowels. Hungarian alphabet can be installed on your computer if you use Windows 95 or higher. Start - Control Panel - Keyboard - Add new language
In most cases first names changed to their English versions. For example, György became George. Also, keep in mind that you have to switch the order of first and last names in Hungarian. Women got the entirely name of their husband, with the ending -'né'.
3. How to look for ship manifests.
5. The Social Security Death index on line helps to find out where a person died.
6. Be particular, before you move to Hungarian or other Eastern European Church or baptist records. To ask for a great grandfather who was born "about 1860 somewhere" in their country - just waste of time. 7. When you find a particular town or city, don't just look there - move to its neighborhood. People often say they live for example in Philadelphia, when they actually live in the large Philadelphia area - maybe 20 miles away.
8. Are you a beginner genelogist? Read the official Beginners Guide to Genealogy in Seven Basic Steps.

9. Do you have old letters written in Hungarian? If you think they might answer some questions in your research, I translate them for you in 3 days. Ask for details

10. Finally a website of Hungarian counties with Hungarian, Slovak, German and Latin names:
These links will take you a page with map on it from around 1800.
Abaúj - c. Abaujvár
Arad - c. Aradiensis
Árva- c. Arviensis - Orava
Baranya - c. Baranyiensis - Baranince
Bars - c. Barsiensis
Bács - c. Bacsiensis - - Baatsch
Bereg - c. Beregniensis
Békés - c. Békés - - Bekesch
Bihar - c. Bihariensis
Borsod - c. Borsodiensis
Csanád - c. Csanád
Csongrád - c. Csongrád
Esztergom - c. Striganiensis - Strihom - Gran
Fejér - c. Albensis - - Stuhlweisser
Gömör (& Kishont) - c. Gömöriensis - Gemer
Györ - c. Jauriniensis - - Raab
Heves & Szolnok - c. Heves et Szolnok
Hont - c. Hontensis
Komárom - c. Comaromiensis - Komárno - Kamarun or Komorn
Krassó - c. Krasso
Liptó - c. Liptoviensis - Liptov - Liptau
Maramaros - c. Marmarus - - Marmarosch
Moson - c. Mosoniensis - - Miesenburg
Nógrád - c. Neogradiensis - Nowgrad - Neograd or Nauraden
Nyitra - c. Nitriensis - Nitra - Neutra
Pest - c. Pestiensis - Budapest - Budapest
Pilis & Solt - c. Pilisensis et Solthensis - Pilis a Solt - Pilisch und Scholth
Pozsony - c. Posoniensis - Bratislava - Pressburg
Sáros - c. Sarosiensis - Saris - Scharosch
Somogy - c. Sümeghiensis - - Schomod
Sopron - c. Soproniensis - Sopron - Odiburg or Ödenburg
Szabolcs - c. Szabolcs
Zala - c. Szaladiensis
Szatmár - c. Szathmariensis
Szepes - c. Scepusiensis - Spis - Zipser
Temes - c. Temesiensis
Tolna - c. Tolnensis - - Tolnau
Torontál - c. Torontal
Torna - c. Tornansis - Turna - Tornau
Trencsén - c. Trencsin - Trencin -Trentsin or Trenschin
Turóc - c. Thurotziensis - Martin
Ugocha - c. Ugocsiensis
Ung - c. Ungvár - Uzhorod - Ungwar
Vas - c. Castriferrei - - Eisenburger
Veszprém - c. Veszprim - Vesprim - Wesprim
Zemplén - c. Zempliniensis - Zemplin - Semplin
Zólyom - c. Zoliensis - - Altsohl or Sohl

11. Links to Rootsweb pages:
RootsWeb HelpDesk
Surname Resources
U.S. County Resources

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