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Organize your data, create your tree

Just enter the names of a few of your relatives first -- fill in birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, stories, medical histories and anything else you know. Youíll be glad to finally have all your information organized safely in one place. Your tree will grow as you move ahead and extend your search and data. There are a lot of software out there for this.
1. Free trial version to download for 15 days, $40 thereafter: FamilyTreeMaker

2. Good software for moderate price, $19.99
Powerful search capabilities, access to millions of names and amazing graphics allow you to research you lineage and then create beautiful family trees with ease! Bring your favorite scanned photographs, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc. right into the program to create an album with home videos and sound and more...
3. Another even cheaper, $12.99 : Family Tree Creator for Win95
4. Finally a professional one for $59.99:
Family Tree Maker 6.0 Deluxe organizes nearly any kind of information and helps you discover new branches of your family tree with genealogy databases and federal records. Expand your search with help from the included Social Security Death Index. Included youíll find the Social Security number and birth and death dates of over 56 million people! Browse through the U.S. and International Marriage Records Index from 1560-1900, The Military Records of U.S. Soldiers from 1784-1811, the Birth Records of the U.S. and Europe from 900-1880, the Mid-Atlantic Genealogies from 1340-1940, and the Local and Family Histories of New England from the 1600ís-1900ís. All five CDs are included with your purchase!

Books in association with

These are books related with Hungarian Americans in connection with the immigration before or around 1900. Some of them hard to find and probably you need to wait a couple weeks for them, but could be very helpful in your specific search.
1.From Hungary to the United States,1880-1914
2. Breaking ground : the 1956 Hungarian refugee movement to Canada
3. Ties That Bind, Ties That Divide : 100 Years of Hungarian Experience in the United States (Ellis Island Series)
4. Chapters on the Hungarian Political Emigration (1849-1867) (1849-1867)
5. Bridging Three Worlds : Hungarian-Jewish Americans, 1848-1914

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