Welcome to the puzzle and quiz pages. As part of Hungarotips, all entertainment here is about Hungary and Hungarian culture - I hope you don't mind it. I have created two jigsaw puzzle and two quiz pages so far. I will write more some days - if I have time. I always have more plans than time, but improvement certainly will come.
I hope you want to check your knowledge in Hungarian history and culture. This is why I have these 2 quizzes here. (answers provided)
1. Quiz #1
2. Quiz #2

These are probably more of entertainment - I hope you will like these jigsaw puzzles, which are very similar to those in the real life. In order to play, you need Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
Your selection from this category:
1. Castle in Martonvásár (4*4 puzzle)
2. View of Budapest (3*4 puzzle)
Have a great time and check back for new jigsaw puzzles!

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