Recommended Books and Softwares

These are my recommendations from the not-too-wide selection of Hungarian language books and softwares. Two of these CD-s will only be available later. Please let me know how you like these products if you have been using them. All books and softwares are from

Many students use this text and find it to be a good guide.

A very good recently published book. Comprehensive and concise; uses real-life situations.

A widely used, well built easy to follow book for beginners.

A must have reference book for Hungarian grammar. I would recommend it to learners of intermediate level or higher.

A good, basic ditionary for beginners.

The best dictionary on the market today. However, I wish to be able to offer a more comprehensive one.

This software is for beginner and intermediate learners.

You may pre-order and try this CD. Its decription looks promising.

This CD is for intermediate level students.

This CD is designed for children

Another CD for pre-order

Online and pocket dictionaries and electronic translators from Ectaco

ECTACO Electronic Dictionary Language: Direction:
Into English
From English

These are my selections. If you want to search for another title, you can do it from here:

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